My 1895 SBL

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My 1895 SBL

Post by erugbyman60 »

Thanks that have accepted to me here. I am French and I am new member here.
I own 3 Marlins :
- 1895 G 45/70
- 444 S
and the last 1895 SBL BIG BORE 45/70 that I bought yesterday !
I am as a child when I have watched it !!!
I will want to register my rifle on the web site ( ) but I haven't been found about it !
would you help to me please ?
My English is bad sorry .
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Re: My 1895 SBL

Post by jstanfield103 »

Congratulations on the SBL. Beautiful
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Re: My 1895 SBL

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You have the correct link ( http// ) There is a icon at the upper right side of the page titled "Customer Service".
Click on that and then "Product Registration" will be listed and click on that to get to the registration page. Fill it out and you should be okay.
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