Model 90 safety

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Tim Rye
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Model 90 safety

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Long story short... I'm refurbishing a model 90 12 ga.
S series serial number. Upon close inspection, the safety switch seems to have small piece broken off, and does not function properly.
Neither Numrich, nor Brownells seems have the part.
A little help?
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Re: Model 90 safety

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I sort of had the same issue on a Browning A-5 with Hastings barrel French contract rear sight. After three days on the phone calling, East, West, North, South, and all points in between, all my parts suppliers to be met with snickers and hearing good luck on that one. Called one in Indiana and he had two of them, I contacted the customer to tell him the price and he said go for it. Maybe try a google search and start calling the numbers that come up is the best I could say to do. Sometimes they'll pass on a number to places that might have what you're looking for. Check Jack First, Weisner? Sorry not much help :(
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