1888 Marlin parts

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1888 Marlin parts

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I recently acquired a Marlin 1888 receiver in what appears to be 32W caliber. Does anyone know if there are parts available anywhere to bring this old rifle back to life? One option might be an old parts gun with an unusable receiver, but so far all I've found on the online auctions are one barreled receiver with internals but that guy wants the same price as a good condition working rifle would bring. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Re: 1888 Marlin parts

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Very few parts from any other Marlins will work on an 1888. And from my experience parts for an 1888 might often cost more than the gun cost to purchase. I'd suggest watching Gunbroker and Ebay for 1888 Marlin parts. They wont show often, but don't know of a batter place to locate them.
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