Vintage 410 firing pin replacement

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Vintage 410 firing pin replacement

Post by smilinjack »

I inherited a Marlin 410 (serial # 5237) from my father. After maybe three outings the firing pin tip went missing (gun did not shoot, no dent on the shell and an empty hole where the pin should have been). My local gunsmith (admitted to not being Marlin expert) is having difficulty finding a replacement part and may want to build one. I understand from this forum that the 410 is built on the Model 1893. Does anyone know if a 1920 /1930 vintage Model 1893 / 93 firing pin will work as a replacement part for my 410? I've searched Wisner's, Midway and Brownells and they have such pins. Wisner's actually has two; one with a .080 dia tip and one with a .092 dia tip). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Vintage 410 firing pin replacement

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Yes, the 1893/93 firing pin will work fine. Just have your gunsmith check the diameter of the hole in your breech bolt face, and then order the one that's the right size.
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