Marlin 1881 Trigger

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Marlin 1881 Trigger

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I posted this elsewhere but maybe this is the best place. I have a Marlin 1881 with a trigger that's broken. There is only a bit of the trigger left visible from the outside. Is there any way to find a replacement trigger? The rest of the rifle is in pretty nice shape, and I'd hate to relegate it to useless because I can't find a trigger, and of course it's not much use without one! :D

Anyways, just looking for some suggestions on how to approach this. If I can't locate a new complete trigger, this may sound stupid, but is there any way to add a metal to the trigger to replace what is broken off (solder, weld...)? I'm just thinking I'm low on options unless I find someone to make me a complete trigger, but that may be pricey!

Thanks for your help in advance!
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Re: Marlin 1881 Trigger

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I've seen several broken triggers on 1881 Marlins. I think the problem is that these were case hardened, and left in a long time, and quenched at a high temperature. The reason that they break is that they have a high carbon content and because they are quenched at a high temperature, they are brittle. Because of the high carbon content, they can not be easily welded. It will just break again at the weld. It could be braized in a pinch, which I've seen done, but it will look kind of, well, ugly. I know this isn't much help- sorry.

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Marlin 1881 Trigger

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I can pop one out of a factory saiga trigger i have lying around... Its the exact same thing.
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