1893 deluxe furniture

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1893 deluxe furniture

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I’m currently looking for the wood furniture for a Marlin 1893 deluxe. I know that this is probably a long shot, but I’m hoping that someone can either give me the contact info for someone that may have it, or someone that can make it. Thanks in advance !
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Re: 1893 deluxe furniture

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Deluxe stocks rarely get away from the guns, so doubt there's much chance of finding originals. Plus every stock set was individually fitted by hand, so no two will ever fit perfectly in most cases. As for having new stocks built there are several sources that can build sets, and get the checkering and finish correct. But hope you are willing to step up and pay well. None of them are cheap, and a set of deluxe wood stocks checkered can easily run $1500 minimum, or much more~

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