1881 tang sight

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1881 tang sight

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I have been searching for a Marbles M7 tang sight for my 1881 with no luck. No luck with my 1893, either.
Is there a universal type tang sight out there that will work for my 1881?
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Re: 1881 tang sight

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A Lyman sight with the "M" marked base was made for the large frame Model 1881. But, finding one of those will be about as easy as finding the M7 Marbles sight. Any of the tang sights for Ballard rifles will work on the Model 1881. There are Gallery sights, Improved Graduated sights and Improved Vernier sights. These do show up on eBay from time to time.
Lyman does make new tang sights for the Model 336, which may have the right hole dimensions. You would need to check that out. Brownell's sells these sights.
Good luck........
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Re: 1881 tang sight

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If you can locate one of the Marbles old Special Flexible Base tang sights with the tall stem they work excellent on any large frame Marlin like the 1881, 1895, or 1893. It repositions the sight back just in front of the comb, so never any interference issues with the breech bolt like many tang sights have. The other neat thing is these sights when folded down lay on top of the comb, and don't interfere or hit the wood either.
They didn't used to be very hard to find either, and often people avoided the base style just because it looked strange. Now when they show up they get around $325-$375 for them in nice condition. You might consider contacting MVA and ask if one of their vernier tang sights is built to situate the sight back far enough to clear the bolt too?

You can use a Ballard vernier tang sight also, but the breech bolt will lightly touch the staff during cycling. One of my 1881's uses the Ballard Mid-Range vernier, and I like it.


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