1894 Cowboy with unusual features?

What the name implies

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1894 Cowboy with unusual features?

Post by CJS57 »

I emailed Marlin, they just said it was a Cowboy made in 2007. Here is what is unusual: Two serial numbers! Serial 93233999 and another number under the lever on the tang, 23759. It has a fully color case hardened bolt as well as the normally case colored receiver, lever and hammer. The safety is checkered not grooved. The caliber is not marked on the barrel, only on the bolt (.45C). The front sight is a German silver blade, like in the old days. The hammer has a humpback shape like much older guns.

I hope someone knows what this is and how many were made and why etc. It is definetely factory done, this is not custom! I have pictures of all of this if I could find a tutorial on posting them?
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Re: 1894 Cowboy with unusual features?

Post by metalschmidt »

I have an odd ball like this too that I would like to know more about myself. Mine is a 336, but has a octagonal barrel in 30-30 cal. It has a crescent shaped brass butt plate and like yours has an odd serial number (402XX) only marked under the tang. The best guess I can come up with is that it was an "employee take home gun".
Made with factory parts but not in standard configuration. Mine came from a dealer 15 miles from the marlin factory so this seems plausible and may explain your gun too. Don't know if this is helpful. If you find out more on yours let me know.
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