CB series rifle calibers

What the name implies

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Camarillo Smith
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CB series rifle calibers

Post by Camarillo Smith »

Howdy, I am collecting the cowboy series rifles and am wondering if they were ever made in 32-20 Win or 38 WCF (38-40) calibers. So far I have collected the following models and calibers:

1897 cowboy 22 LR
1894 CB 32 H&R magnum
1894 CB comp 38 special
1894 CB357 magnum
1894 CB 41 magnum
1894 CB 44-40
1894 CB 44 magnum
1894 CB 45 Colt
1894 CB Comp 45 Colt
336 CB 30-30
336 CB 38-55
1895 CB 45-70

Do I have all the calibers they were made in or have I missed one? Thanks for looking and any advise you can ofer.
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Re: CB series rifle calibers

Post by bigboybrad »

the made one in 32-20 only 501made through davidsons
Levi Astorbilt
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Re: CB series rifle calibers

Post by Levi Astorbilt »

A friend of mine shoots his CB 32-20 in SASS matches. Has a full length mag unlike the 1894 CL.
Super hard to find.
Not aware of any modern 38-40.
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Re: CB series rifle calibers

Post by sneekpete »

In the 1894 Cowboy rifles made by Marlin at North Haven, there were 19 variations that I am aware of..... maybe more!
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