Sling for 1881 45/70?

What the name implies

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Sling for 1881 45/70?

Post by scholtenj »

Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations on a sling for a Model 1881 45/70? I know there are leather smiths out there that do them on a custom basis, but the ones I’ve checked with are a little pricey. Naturally, I have NO desire to drill any holes for swivels.
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Re: Sling for 1881 45/70?

Post by miker557 »

Dixie Gun Works sells a series of Muzzle-loader slings, all of which loop around the stock and barrel; ... np1tt5nle3

There are also some that lace up around the butt of the stock (I have a couple of those, they're fairly inexpensive - >$40) ....

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Re: Sling for 1881 45/70?

Post by Brent »

Mike's idea is on the right direction but slings that attach at the wrist carry poorly and interfere with operation, esp on a lever gun.

This is what I use instead. ... 0small.jpg ... 0small.jpg

and you can find them right here ... l+Products
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