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RE: model 1897 22 cal

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I have a model 1897 serial # 205982 how do i know how old it is. it was given to me from my father I have not used it yet but plan to and then pass it down to my son. it does not have the hundred year emblem on it
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Re: RE: model 1897 22 cal

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Your original Marlin Model 1897 with it's 24 inch octagon barrel was shipped from the factory in New Haven, Ct. in late 1900.
Now, this is an old, original gun, and was not made to shoot the modern, high speed ammunition that we have today. If you want to shoot this rifle, you will need to get either standard velocity or some target ammunition. If you use the modern high speed stuff, you will crack the breech bolt. There was a design flaw that does not allow the use of high powered ammunition. This problem was corrected in the early 1930's when the use of the high powered .22 caliber ammunition came around.
I hope this helps.
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