"Marlin Jam" - one solution

What the name implies

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"Marlin Jam" - one solution

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“Marlin Jam”
Re: 2001 Marlin 1894 CB Ltd, w/24”octagon Barrel.
I purchased this rifle ~ Feb. 2012 for CAS. It came with 500 Rds of handloaded .38 Spl ammo, 1.53” LOA w/conical bullets. (I kept these special 500 Rds in reserve.) Instead using Georgia Arms 158 Gr. RNFP 'Canned Heat' (1.43”LOA) for practice and matches.

Before me this rifle had been worked on by a couple of CAS gunsmiths, making it VERY smooooth. It Previously had a one piece firing pin installed, the lever cam surface was rounded where it contacted the carrier, the main spring and trigger spring were lightened and the action was VERY WELL polished. When working the lever, the sights NEVER moved!! It was amazing :-)

In may 2014 had a jam with I attributed to the rifle being 'dry'. Cleaned lubed and range tested → Sat.
Ran along fine until Sep. 2017. Locked up with the special handloaded 1.53” LOA w/ conical bullets, BUT the 158 Gr. RNFP 'Canned Heat' 1.43” LOA ran fine :?: → did the clean & lube thing again range tested → Sat.

In Apr 2019 the rifle did the classic 'Marlin Jam' in 5 of the 6 stages at our monthly match. (26 'misses in that match :( )
Disassembled and inspected → there was a slight line on the bottom cam surface of the carrier. So I had a friend put a weld bead in the area, brought it home a ground the weld down. In the course of which, I ground a little off the rivet (teat) in the middle area of the carrier — i.e. it's now hosed-up.

I called Marlin (Remington.) They were a little vague. Called Brownell's about a 'new and improved' carrier (P/N 550-514-561) they had carried several year back . . . but don't carry it now. ( http://marauder.homestead.com/files/Mar ... arrier.htm)

After looking in several forums for Marlin 1894 info, I found a reference to a Midway part number:727646 at https://www.marlinowners.com/forum/1...rier-ammo.html By 'Marlin44shooter.' Ordered, installed and range tested it. Every .38 Spl and .357 round put through it loaded and fired without a hitch :-))

The P/N 727646 looked exactly like the 'new and improved' carrier P/N 550-514-561that Brownell's had previously carried. It is full faced and a higher cam area. Recommended! :D

Carry on,
Jack Hays (SASS alias)
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