Marlin 1893 Receiver size

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Marlin 1893 Receiver size

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I know that the carrier varies dependent on caliber but does the receiver size also change or is it universal whether it is 32-40,38-55 or 30-30? I have all parts for an 1893 except the receiver which I bought on Gun Broker. I know all the parts came off a 32-40 except don’t know about receiver.
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Re: Marlin 1893 Receiver size

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All 1893/93 receivers are the exact same size. Pistol grip and straight grip also. Just a different lower triggerplate for pistol grip vs. straight grip.
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Re: Marlin 1893 Receiver size

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Marlin even advertised that one takedown action could handle all the calibers of the Model 1893 so as to have one receiver action and multiple barrels in different lengths and calibers if so desired.
There is one difference between early actions and later, smokeless powder actions. After the smokeless powders came out, Marlin added a trigger support screw in the left side of the receiver.
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