Marlin 27S pump-rifle in .25-20

What the name implies

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Marlin 27S pump-rifle in .25-20

Post by duanew »

I have recently acquired a Marlin 27S in .25-20.

Since I am new to this forum, and since there was no section for pump-rifles (only lever), I placed this query here.

It appears to me that this rifle is a takedown. I have only viewed it, but haven't received it from shipping yet.

Anyway, it also makes sense to me that in "taking it down" that since the .25-20 & .32-20 are both based on the same cartridge, that if one had a .32-20 barrel component, one could simply use it on their rifle's receiver, and that rifle would now be a .32-20 rifle.

Would someone knowledgeable about this rifle please confirm this?

If you could reference me to a disassembly diagram that would show this, I would appreciate it.

I did put a want ad for a .32-20 barrel assembly under wanted ads.

But if someone reads this here, please post a reply and I will be contacted if they either have this part for sale or know a place where such could be purchase.

Thank you

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Re: Marlin 27S pump-rifle in .25-20

Post by chrifle »

The model 27 and 27S are not takedown models in the sense that the barrels are removable or interchangeable. The receivers can be separated in half by loosening the takedown screw. The 27S was manufactured from 1913-1932; known serial number range being 57 to 61412.
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