Grandfathers exposed hammer shotgun

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Grandfathers exposed hammer shotgun

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Recently inherited this old exposed hammer shotgun. Barrel is labled Patd nov.6 1894.May12.1896 . Jun 2.1896.
Receiver serial #10736 Barrel serial# 11406 F. i know F is full choke. But any info you can give me on model # and date of manufacture would be great. It is in rough shape and am restoring. Was my wifes grandfathers who passed before she was born and would like to restore as a keepsake for her.
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Re: Grandfathers exposed hammer shotgun

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From the patent dates listed and the serial number, you have a Marlin Model 1898, that would have been shipped about 1899. You do not mention any engraving or stock checking, so we will assume that your have a standard or "A" Grade Model 1898.
The Model 1898 was made from 1898 to 1905. It was made in 4 grades along with a Riot version and a Brush version. The standard or "A" Grade was a plain jane version with no frills what-so-ever. The "B" Grade was made with fancy, checkered walnut stocks and a Special Smokeless Steel barrel, the "C" Grade had a factory engraved receiver with extra fancy walnut stocks with better checking. The "D" Grade gun had more factory engraving with extra fancy checkered Circassion walnut stocks and a Damascus barrel, along with gold washed trigger and screws.
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