Marli 1898 Shotgun

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Marli 1898 Shotgun

Post by dansapache58 »

I'm a new member and doing some research (or trying) on a 1898 exposed hammer shotgun. The gun was professionally redone and is excellent condition.
My questions are the date of manufacture, the model number and the grade of the gun.
The top of the barrel shows,"Marlin Fire Arms Co., New Haven, Ct. U.S.A----PAT'D NOV.6,1894. MAY 12,1896. & JUNE 2,1896".
The only other info on the gun are the SN #s 2924 on the back of the barrel and 2793 by the loading chamber.
Went over gun with a magnifying glass, ABSOLUTELY no other markings.
Gun is 12 gauge with a 30 inch barrel. Know its a 12 because those are the shells that fit it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Hendricks
Danger Arms
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Re: Marli 1898 Shotgun

Post by Danger Arms »

These guns seem to be a hot topic.... I've just acquired one primarily as a wall hanger. All the patent date are correct for the Model 1898. The action was jammed and the hammer locked in the cocked position.... a little research revealed it just had not been put back together properly. Once I realigned the take down lever, It seems to work pretty well and cycles 12 Gauge dummy rounds nicely. The main reason I picked it up is because the Serial number on the frame in front of the loading port is 161. I can't find any numbers on the barrel other than the patent dates. The only oddity I have found on this gun is that when trying to take it down, after the take down lever is lowered and the slide moved forward to disengage the action bar, pushing on the spring loaded detent at the front of the magazine tube, the tube does not rotate out of the way. In fact there is a groove on the Mag Tube under the barrel that makes it look like it should just slide forward. But it doesn't budge. Given it's age I don't want to force it. Can anyone tell me anything about this gun? I am assuming it is a very early production model from the serial number? Were there variants to the take down method? How does this one break down?

Thanks in advance for any info!

Regnier (gunrunner)
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Re: Marli 1898 Shotgun

Post by Regnier (gunrunner) »

Dan & Dave;

You both have first year Model 1898 Marlin pump action shotguns.

Dan; Most likely, you have a "A" Grade gun as you do not mention any engraving on the action or any checking on the wood. The "A" Grade gun was the standard grade gun and sold for $24.00 in 1898.

Dave; The magazine tube has to rotate fully and then moved forward to remove the end of the tube from the front of the receiver. After that and the action bar has been disengaged and moved forward, the barrel can be unscrewed, but know the barrel has LEFT hand threads.

These early guns do not have the patented "Hang Fire Safety" release, so it is a good idea not to shoot them. It is a strong action, but everything must be working correctly and then only the lightest loads should be used.
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