Marlin exposed hammer pump 12 GA Shotgun

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Marlin exposed hammer pump 12 GA Shotgun

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My name is Larry Codner, I live in southern California & am 83 years old. I have attached a couple of photos of my grandfather’s old Marlin shotgun. My grandfather allowed me to fire this old timer a couple of times when I was a boy of eight or nine. That was a very long time ago & the shotgun has not been fired since but I believe it to in shooting condition with low brass 12 GA loads. The barrel is marked for smokeless powder.

I’m not sure of the model but it seems very much like the Marlin Trap Gun of the very early 1900’s … I can find no markings to indicate the model.

A couple of years ago, I executed the takedown feature of the shotgun & in the process must have committed an error during reassembly. At the current time, the barrel & Magazine tube are attached to the receiver BUT there is no connection between the fore-end / action bar(s) & the bolt assembly. The hammer in in the full cocked position & the bolt assembly Is free to travel freely in the receiver. Pulling the trigger does not cause the hammer to “fall” & manually pushing the bolt assembly fully forward does not cause the breech locking lug to drop into battery. I can’t seem to figure a way to get the action bar(s) & the bolt assembly to reconnect.

I realize that I may need to take this old beauty to a gunsmith but with this Covid-19 thing going around & at my age, I’m pretty much stuck at home for a while.

Any suggestions or insight you might provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Larry Codner
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Re: Marlin exposed hammer pump 12 GA Shotgun

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I will try to help. The secondary safety sear is preventing the hammer from "falling", so you will have to release the "Hang Fire Safety" release button on the side of the receiver near the hammer. Once the hammer is down and the breech block all the way in, bring the action bar back and it should lock into place. If the breech bolt tries to move backward during this, you may have to press your thumb against the breech bolt so it cannot move until the action bar locks into place. Once the action bar locks into place and you pump the action back, when you pump the forearm back forward, it should cause the breech bolt locking lug to drop down and lock the breech bolt in place. Hopefully, the action bar slide stop is in position locked into the slot on the side of the barrel to keep the action bar from disconnecting again. From there, you either have to fire the gun to release the secondary sear, or push the "Hang Fire Safety" release button to move the secondary safety sear off so the action can be opened.
I hope this works for you, good luck........
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