Marlin goose gun

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Marlin goose gun

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So I finally was able to pick up a marlin goose gun thus weekend....sort of. I need a few parts, the main thing is the bolt. My question is, the bolt are they specific to chambering(2 3/4" chamber can only use bolt from 2 3/4" gun) or do the bolts work in any chamber. It's is the 12 gauge, not the 10, but i would like to bring thus old girl back to life. Thanks for any help.
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Re: Marlin goose gun

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A 12 gauge Model 55 was the basis for the Marlin Goose Gun, and a 12 gauge gun of this design is a 12 gauge gun, so any version of the Model 55 shotgun in 12 gauge, the breech bolt will work. You will need to have any headspace checked because of manufacturing tolerances.
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