Marlin 1898

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Marlin 1898

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I was given a Marlin 1898, it was jammed up so I took it apart and it has a broken hammer spring. I am in need of a spring and I cant find one online. I tried Numrich etc. to no avail.

The shotgun may have other issues (I cant operate it properly but it may be related to the spring), the hammer hits on the slide and jams up. A light tap with a rubber hammer and its freed up again.

It has no manual shell ejector button so I have no idea how to unload a shell that is in the breach. I assume it is somehow activated by the trigger ?

The SN is 8832 which is in multiple locations including the wood stock, the barrel has some weak writing indicating a patent number, it has 8621F stamped on it. The bluing and overall condition is too nice for its age so I assume its been re blued at some point.

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Re: Marlin 1898

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You have an early Model 189, probably made prior to the addition of the patented "Hang Fire Safety Release" button. To open the action of the early guns, you have to push in on the firing pin with your finger and then work the action arm.
You might check eBay for a firing pin. Any hammer type Marlin 12 gauge shotgun firing pin should work in your gun. That would include the Models 17, 19, 21, 24, 42 and 49.
There should be a shell extractor in the breech bolt, and an ejector in the side of the receiver. Th early Model 1898's only had one extractor in the breech bolt, whereas later guns had 2 extractors. When the action is fully open, you should see part of the slot the ejector lies in. If it missing, again, go to eBay.
The barrel and receiver numbers do not match, and that is alright as none do. The "F" in the barrel number indicates a full choke barrel.

I just checked eBay, and there is an ejector there, item # 173882267412 There is also a main spring there, item # 173883479836
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