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Info help

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I resently acquired a Marlin 43 pump shotgun. I have been looking for info about it. The serial number is14193.
I`m looking for year of manufacture and disassembly info.

Thanks in advance,
Chris Roesler
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Re: Info help

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The Marlin Model 43, hammerless, pump action, 12 gauge shotgun was made from 1922 to 1930. It was made in 3 versions, the 43 A (standard grade shotgun), 43 T (Trap gun) and the 43 TS (Trap Special).
Brophy mentions observed serial numbers from a low of 537 to a high of 17,411, so with your serial number in the 14,000 range, it most likely would have been made in the later production dates of about 1929 or 1930. There are no records for the hammerless Marlin shotguns.
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