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Wood finish

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What would the correct finish be on a Model 19 riot gun?
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Re: Wood finish

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The originals were dipped in varnish to seal them, and then rubbed with linseed oil to finish to a nice semigloss finish. Tough finish to do the way the factory did, but other finishes can replicate it easily.
My preferred finish is Wipe On Poly by Minn Wax. It comes in gloss or satin, but I prefer the gloss as I can knock the gloss down easier than trying to bring satin sheen up.
*beep* goes over almost any previous finish well, but I use Jasco paint stripper to remove old finish anyway. Then wash the stock with soapy water and wipe it dry. Let it dry for a few days to ensure no moisture is left. Then apply the *beep* with a rag all over, and after a few minutes wipe off the excess. Lightly scuff with 400 grit between coats, and continue to apply until you like the sheen. Usually 4-6 coats on refinish, but new wood takes much more.
After it's done I let it dry a couple days and then use a damp cloth and rottenstone to rub out the finish. Wait 2-3 weeks more for the finish to cure, and then use a paste wax rubbed all over the surface very lightly, and buff with a soft towel. The end result will look very close to Marlin's hand rubbed finish.
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