Model 90 20ga. dual trigger info please.

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Model 90 20ga. dual trigger info please.

Post by Sheolraver » Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:15 pm

Hi to you all. Glad to have found this board.
My father-in-law passed away recently and left a Marlin Model 90 20 ga. O/U dual trigger shotgun. 28" barrels, solid rib. Serial number 5380 with no letter prefix.
It's in pretty good shape. Red Head butt pad weathered but good. Bullseye inlay in bottom of stock is there. Some nicks, scratches in wood and light surface rust on exterior of barrels. Bores are clean.
I've had some trouble pinning down exact info for this fine shotgun.
Year made?
Recent valuation?
Any insight would be vastly appreciated.

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Re: Model 90 20ga. dual trigger info please.

Post by BarkeyVA » Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:06 pm

I think the only thing we can know for sure is your gun was made between 1937 and 1941.

Marlin introduced the 12 ga, 16 ga. and 20 ga. Model 90DT's in 1937 and stopped production of the DT version in 1957. After WWII Marlin used a letter prefix in the serial number to indicate the year made. Some Model 90's made in 1940 and 1941 had "A" and "B" serial numbers respectively. Not sure if all Model 90's made in 1940-41 had letter serial numbers because there are no records remaining at Marlin or anywhere else. Starting in 1939 some Model 90's had a bird dog scene stamped on the frame, but again, no way to tell if they all did. ( I have a 20 ga model 90 with 26" barrels that has the bird dog scene.) Marlin did not use the bird dog scene after WWII.

20 ga. guns were supplied with either 26" barrels typically choked IC/Mod or 28" barrels typically choked Mod/Full. Some early Model 90's had a "first-variation" forearm where the forearm iron did not extend to the top of the frame. It was soon replaced with the second-variation forearm iron that did extend to the top of frame. I have a 12 ga. Model 90 with the first-variation forearm with the top lever attached to the frame with a visible flat head screw.

Value is really based on the gun's condition, and without seeing photos, it is really hard to say what your gun is worth. Given your description, I think it should be worth at least $300-$350 if it locks up tight with the top lever in the center or slightly to the right of center. However, 20 ga. Model 90's don't come up for sale that often, and one in very good condition might go for $450-$500 or more depending on how bad the buyer wants it.

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