Marlin 1870 336 30-30 and a 1895 45-70 Govt.

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Marlin 1870 336 30-30 and a 1895 45-70 Govt.

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Have 2 Marlins. Would really appreciate information on their years and values.
1.Barrel says,"EST. 1870 - MODEL 336 R.C. CAL. .30-.30 - MICRO-GROOVE BARREL" Above the EST, in cursive is,"THE MARLIN FIREARMS CO." then the address. S/N is Z 6659 This was my Dad's brother rifle. Bought new by him or my dad. He went hunting with us for years. Never shot any animal, just liked getting out. Maybe a box of rounds have been fired through it. Has a 1/2" scratch on the receiver by the shell slot, has scatches where a swival was mounted on the barrel, otherwise the bluing is very shiny. The walnut wood has very minor handling marks and is an awesome piece of wood. Has white spacers. Trying to figure out how to post images. No luck, Can email photos.
2. Barrel says, "MODEL 1895 CAL. 45-70 GOVT." The Marlin Firearms name and address is printed also on the barrel. S/N is 8004062. This is a straight stock. Butt was cut and a plastic Marlin buttplate put on it. Measured from middle of buttplate to receiver and it is 13 1/4". The rest of the bluing and wood is in excellent condition. Rear sight was taken off and there was a Williams peep site on it (still have it). Currently has a scope on it. Interested in the value of the Marlins and years.. Can sell or keep the Williams sights and 2 scopes. Hope to put up for sale anytime.
Thanks for any feedback.
David H. Kuehn
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Re: Marlin 1870 336 30-30 and a 1895 45-70 Govt.

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The Marlin Model 336 R.C. (regular carbine) with the "Z" serial number prefix was made in 1964.
The Model 1895 was made in 1980.
New guns are not my "bag", and I do not keep up with the values of them, so maybe someone else will help you there.
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