Back from Iraq...

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Back from Iraq...

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Well the last time I went to Iraq I came back, (thank God) and bought me a 1895 Marlin Century Limited Edition 45-70 brand new, still in the box and still had the cosmoliean on it... Well I took it all apart and cleaned the heck out of it.... That was a few years ago... Now I just retired from the military and realized I must have lost the instructions I had on how to take this bad boy apart to parade rest during the move down to Florida......

Can anyone point me in the right direction on printing out step by step direction on taking this fine piece of weaponry apart..

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Re: Back from Iraq...

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First off, THANK YOU for your service to our country.

A simple takedown for cleaning is to cock the hammer and open the action part way. Remove the lever screw, and pull the lever out of the action. The breech bolt is now free to be removed from the receiver so the barrel can be cleaned from the breech end.
If you wish to take the gun down further, remove the butt stock then release all pressure of the hammer spring from the hammer. You can now remove the hammer screw and hammer, then the front receiver screw up near the forearm. There should be a screw in the left side of the receiver, just above the lower tang, about in the middle, remove this screw. This will allow the lower tang to be removed and access to all the internal works. You can remove the lifter screw and the lifter if you want to now. The Marlin action is really pretty simple to work on and put back together. Good luck........and Thank you again!
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Re: Back from Iraq...

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Re: Back from Iraq...

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On the Marlin web site under support are all the manuals available for download. ... anuals.asp
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Re: Back from Iraq...

Post by Margery »

Thanks for coming back and returning to the army man, we all appreciate that. As for your question, I totally support Regnier, he has articulated what was on the tip of my tongue
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Re: Back from Iraq...

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