mdl 1895-45-90

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mdl 1895-45-90

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I have come into possesion of 1895 in 45-90 cal. cody museum confirms that it left factory in august of 1896. It has beena family owned gun and I have pictures confirming that from as early as 1900. It is in very good condition and has a 28" oct. barrel which I believe must have been special order.any info on rifles of this vintage would be appreciated
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Re: mdl 1895-45-90

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Not a lot to tell you from your brief description, but I can tell you that of the 5,289 Model 1895's listed in the factory records that end in December of 1906, 1,006 were listed in the .45-90 caliber, and that 488 had 28 inch barrels. 4,017 had octagon barrels.
Now this is not to say that there were only 5,289 Model 1895's made, but that is all that is listed in the factory records, and that production of the Model 1895 continued up to 1916.
So there is another 10 years of unrecorded production of all Marlin lever action firearms after the records end. There are also a lot of blanks in the records that were manufactured Model 1895's that the serial number was never recorded, so there definitely more than 5,289 Model 1895's actually manufactured.
I hope this helps.
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Re: mdl 1895-45-90

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The 28" barrel was std. length for a Model 1895.
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