Marlin 39 A magazine tube clamp

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Marlin 39 A magazine tube clamp

Post by mgiardina »

I’m looking for a replacement magazine tube clamp for an older 39A. I’ve bought three so far from different companies and all are 1/32” too narrow. The original clamps base width is .375”. Any ideas?

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Re: Marlin 39 A magazine tube clamp

Post by huskerbob »

I'm sure you've thought of this and it may not be at all workable. I'd guess as a last ditch effort I'd try to find the best gunsmith in the area. Maybe a really skilled smith could build the base up and then file it down to fit into the slot on the barrel. Probably a stupid idea but it's all I've got. You must have a very early 39a and the specs got tweaked somewhere along the line. How old is the gun???

Good Luck............I know how frustrating working with these old guns can be. :oops:
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