.450 Ammo

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Kentucky Boy

.450 Ammo

Post by Kentucky Boy »

I have a new .450 Marlin and am currently using Hornady's Custom Shop ammo in 350 grain. No complaints since I took a nice nine pointer two weeks ago at 310 yards. I had to aim way over, but it still penetrated all the way through.

Anyboby know of any other factory ammo available? It annoys me that 45/70 is readily available, but most everyone looks at you like you are from Mars and can't even spell .450.

Please advise.
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Post by levernut »

grafs.com has hornady 350gr 450 marlin ammo for $24 a box, if that helps. That would be a fun caliber to reload.
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450 ammo

Post by LOUP450 »

I reload the barnes 300 hollow point and you can't believe the results.
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.450 ammo

Post by 10-7 »

Kentucky Boy, What model did you buy? I bought an 1895MR and really like it. It is set up with a Red Dot scope for bear but I did not get drawn in Minnesota this year, so I have not hunted with it yet. I too have been shooting Hornady ammo. Custom, and Interlock. So far, that is all I have seen in the stores. I have seen Leverevolution but have not bought any in the .450.
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