Marlin Ballard Help


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Marlin Ballard Help

Post by Fritziii »

Hello all, need some assistance identifying a Marlin Ballard rifle, the caliber is 38-50 and the serial number is 27566, has a rear tang flip Sight, double set trigger, schutzen style buttplate and a full cheek stock, Darrel is round/octagon, I'm unable to load pictures. Thanks for the help if possible

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Re: Marlin Ballard Help

Post by Brent »

I'm not much of an expert, though I own some Ballards. With your description, I suppose it could be one of several (at least) models, if that is what you are looking for. W/o pictures, you might buy a copy of John Dutcher's book and page through it; albeit, it ain't cheap. ... er+ballard

You might find one on ebay for less, or find a friend with a copy. I have one if you happen to be in central Iowa.
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Re: Marlin Ballard Help

Post by marlinman93 »

I'll stick with the same answer I gave you here. A Union Hill: ... -help.html
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