Score! 32ammo


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Score! 32ammo

Post by Insectguy »

So, the person who sold me a Ballard in 32 long asked me to figure out why his .380acp Walther PP wasn't chambering. Oh, and here's some 32 auto ammo he found which doesn't fit his firearms. Well, his .380 wasn't chambering because it is a .32 auto Walther PP.

Anyway, in the bag, he also put two extra boxes-- one for .32 short rimfire, and one for .32 long rimfire! Now I have ammo for my Ballard #2!!!

*happy dance*

Someday, I'll make my reversible firing pin so I can shoot.32 centerfire......
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Re: Score! 32ammo

Post by marlinman93 »

You do know the Ballard #2 already has a reversible firing pin? Or has yours been replaced with a homemade pin that doesn't reverse?
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