.32 long brass or ammo


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.32 long brass or ammo

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Hello everyone, I have a Marlin Ballard #2 Sporting rifle in .32 long. I am getting it ready for shooting and need to know where I can get some ammo or brass in either rimfire or centerfire. Thanks and appreciate all the help I can get
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Re: .32 long brass or ammo

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Not sure of anyone selling .32 Long brass or ammo. You can shoot .32 Short also in your Ballard, and that is available from GAD Custom Reloading. Another alternative is to buy .32 S&W Long brass and run it through your .32 Long sizing dies to reform it to .32 Long.
I'm always looking out at gun shows for .32 Long ammo, RF or CF, and brass. It used to be pretty common to find .32 L CF ammo, and occasionally RF, but now even .32 Short CF is getting tough to find, and the Long never seems to show up. Fortunately I've got a lifetime supply of reloadable brass, ammo CF & RF now, so it's not an issue.
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