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Here's an ad from "Gunbrokers" - 'marlin/ballard 38-rf/cf 30" barrel' RF/CF, one or the other or both? How does that work? Did they reload bullets that went either way?????? No of course not, must have been some kind of mechanical changearoo, ..................Right?
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Yes, there was a "changearoo involved. Those Ballard rifles had a reversable firing pin. One side or end of the firing pin was for centerfire cartridges and the other was for rimfire cartridges. There was a screw in the side of the breech block that you had to unscrew, allowing the firing pin to be removed then reversed.
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Just a note here. The firing pins on Ballards are called "reversible", but they actually are flipped upside down or vice versa to change from RF to CF. Pull it out, turn it upside down, put it back in the same direction.
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