Refinish or not?


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Refinish or not?

Post by .22-5-40 » Thu Apr 21, 2011 9:45 pm

Hello everyone. I would like the experianced collectors opinion on refinishing original Ballards..or other antiques for that matter. I have a nice Ballard No. 3 that has most of the finish remaining on the barrel. About 6" back from muzzle, on top flat, there is a small 1"long and maybe 5/16" wide patch of what looks like small pin-pricks in metal thru finish..Looks like little elves have been at it with tiny hammers! Now I have heard of forend wear refered to as "buggy wear" from having gun lying against seat & constant jarring..I wonder if this could be somthing similar? at first glance, looks to be patch of corrosion. Small chip out of horn forend tip ..could have happened at same time..dropped perhaps? The finish on barrel is so lovely..I would hate to try & remove this. What are your thoughts? I know gun is over 100 years old & and have to expect some wear. I have seen completly re-finished ones..expertly done as per factory original..and though nice..there is just something that is gone out of them..hard to soul left? Thank you!

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Re: Refinish or not?

Post by marlinman93 » Sat Apr 23, 2011 7:50 am

If the affected area can't be draw filed out and rust blued, then I would leave it as is. I'd hate to mess one that sounds so nice myself, other than careful repairs. The forearm tip horn is easy. I have pieces of horn I got at the knife show, and I carefully whittle and sand them down to make fillers, then use colored Acraglass Gel to glue them in where it's missing.
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