1888 Marlin Safety 38W info

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1888 Marlin Safety 38W info

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Have a 1888 Marlin Safety 38W with an octagon barrell but it's chrome ? Serial number is 27380 , tried to find info on whether this model came with a chrome finish ?
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Re: 1888 Marlin Safety 38W info

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First, the Marlin Safety rifle is a Model 1889, not 1888. Next, chrome plating did not exist in 1889. The first time chrome plating was used was in 1924. Marlin did silver or nickel plate firearms from the beginning of the business back in 1863 with his single shot derringers.
If your rifle is chrome plated, it is obviously not original. If it is nickel plated, it would have to be examined by someone knowledgeable in Marlin firearms familiar with plated guns. Silver plating will tarnish over time and turn dark or almost black. If you have had this gun for a while and it has not tarnished, then it is not silver plated.
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