Marlin 1894

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Marlin 1894

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I have a Marlin Model 1894 s/n395089. 20" Octagon Barrel, chambered for 44-40. I am trying to find the year of mfg and an approximate value. I am dealing with a non-technical brother across the country so no pics are available yet. I understand value= condition. But would appreciate a ballpark price.

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Re: Marlin 1894

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Without pictures, and so little information it could be anywhere from as little as $300 to as much as $3,000. Way to many variables involved in these neat old Marlins to get any closer.
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Re: Marlin 1894

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An estimation for the date of manufacture would be in the 1908/1909 time frame. There are no factory records past the numbers 355,500 that ended in December of 1906.
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