My old Marlin model 25

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My old Marlin model 25

Post by far2000 »

Hello all...
I was recently given a never used in the box model 25-W/S .22LR.
Came with a tasco scope and I want to replace it with a Althon Neros .22 rimfire that was also given to me!
I'm not knowledgeable.....Please let me know what rings would be best to mount this and is there anything else needed to mount this.
I'm in NJ and so far have emailed/called more than a half a dozen gun shops with no answer.
Thank you,
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Re: My old Marlin model 25

Post by Danwin22 »

If your old scope and the new scope are both 1" diameter you should be able to simply remove the screws from the tops of the existing scope mounts, yank the old scope and drop in the new one. Make sure your crosshairs are level before tightening the screws.

You can slide the scope back and forth to determine where it falls when the view is perfect when you quickly snap the rifle to your shoulder.

If your old scope is of 3/4" diameter you will have to detach the scope and its' mounts entirely from the 3/8" groves and purchase a set of 1" mounts for a 3/8 grooved receiver.

NOTE: The height of your mounts will determine bolt clearance and space for your fingers. If you can use the existing scope mounts you should be good to go.

If you have to go with new mounts, look at your existing setup and the distance between the top of the receiver and the center of the scope lens for reference and make sure the bolt operation is comfortable.
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