Help with a 1954 39A, Microgroove or Ballard?

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Help with a 1954 39A, Microgroove or Ballard?

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I have an "L" series Model 39A which tells me it was made in 1954. I have seen where it was 1954 when Marlin switched from the Ballard to MG rifling. Supposedly all the MG barrels are stamped as such, my barrel is not marked as Microgroove. It is a low serial number (L9XX), the gun was bought new by my father-in-law and given to me ~35 years ago.
I have "plinked" with it over the years, but I am pretty sure between him and me that the gun has had far less than 1000 rounds through it.
Is this one of the last Ballards? If so do I have something that I should be keeping special care of?

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Re: Help with a 1954 39A, Microgroove or Ballard?

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One way to tell if you have Ballard rifling or Micro-Groove rifling is to simply look. The Ballard rifling only has 6 lands and grooves whereas the Micro-Groove rifling has 16 narrow lands and grooves.
In 1954, there were only 271 Model 39-A's made with the Ballard rifling and there were 3,814 made with Micro-Groove rifling.
If you do have Ballard rifling, there are a few collectors that would probably like to add one to their collection. The guns made at this time were very well made and had a much nicer finish that later guns.
I hope this helps.
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