New member bolt reassembly issue

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New member bolt reassembly issue

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First I want to say hello to all and glad there is a forum like this.

I inherited a few .22 rifles from my father and have begun to go through them for my children to enjoy. I have a Ranger model 103-2. My research has shown its is the same as a Marlin 80. It is bolt action with a clip/magazine. I have replace one side of the extractor (old style with 2 separate extractors claws) along with the extractor spring loop that slides along the bottom of the bolt. The bolt was filthy so I took it apart but unfortunaly, YouTube sent me astray. Maybe one of you fine members can help me out.

On the rear of the bolt there is a small screw you remove to get the spring loaded knob rod out of the rear of the bolt carrier. When I removed the little screw, I knew I was in trouble then the preloaded spring slid the striker sleeve collar out about 1/4"

My problem:
How do you compress the spring to get the (striker sleeve) collar with hole with threads into the bolt carrier to line up with the bolt carrier bolt hole to re install the tiny screw.

Note. I did not remove the pin that holds the knob on the very back of this spring loaded piece.

Sorry so long. I like to be detailed and paint a picture.

Any help appreciated.
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