Model 989G

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Model 989G

Post by n8300n »

I have a Model 989G. I’m having trouble with it shooting automatically when I pull the bolt back then release it. It automatically shoots. I tried two bullets, the both went off without pulling the trigger. Any suggestions would be helpful. Maybe a bad sear, maybe really dirty deep inside. I’m open for suggestions.

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Re: Model 989G

Post by Terminatorret »

It doesn't sound like anything major, although it is potentially dangerous in its current situation. I would start with a thorough cleaning or the trigger/sear group. Sounds like there is some "gunk" built-up in the sear notch preventing the sear from capturing the trigger. Here's a link to help get you started: ... uto-2.html
Also check the old probably needs replacing if it's the factory origional.
You have youself a very fine rifle. Don't give-up and sell it!
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