magazine for marlin 989-g

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magazine for marlin 989-g

Post by cowboy69 »

I just bought a great looking marlin 989-g. Its old and non serialized. From reading its from the 60's. Unfortunately this rifle didnt have a magazine with it. I have been looking online and havent been able to find a specific magazine for the g. I do see magazines for the m2. My question is would the 989 m2 magazine work in my 989-2 model? if not could someone point me in the direction to getting a magazine for it?

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Re: magazine for marlin 989-g

Post by tomlaw10 »

yes it will work, following is list of compatible magazines

Remington Marlin 7-Shot For 717M2 Or 917M2 Or 25N Or 980 Md: 71900
Marlin Factory Magazine.22LR - 7 Rounds - Blue Fits .22LR Bolt Actions. Models: 717M2, 917M2, 917M2S, 25N, 925, 25Nc, 980C 925C 880Sq, 980V, 70, 70P, 70PSS, 70HC, 880, 995, 995SS, 989, 989M2. Glenfield 989G & 70.
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Re: magazine for marlin 989-g

Post by otteray »

Well, since that question was quickly resolved, I too, have a magazine compatibility question.
Did Marlin ever make a a mag compatible with, or for the Model 62 .30 Carbine, that held more than 4 rounds?
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marlin 989-g

Post by n8300n »

I’m new to this forum. I have a Marlin Model 989 G. Is there a location I can find a drawing with instruction on dis assembly, cleaning, and parts.
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