Model 60 Accuracy

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Model 60 Accuracy

Post by noflier » Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:33 am

I have a model 60, # 02236337 which is not shooting with expected accuracy. It looks brand new out of the box because when I bought it for my son years ago, he lost interest in it probably because it had poor accuracy. I estimate that the firearm only has 75 rounds thru it (one and a half ammo boxes). It feeds and fires in semi-auto perfectly. The stock, metalwork, crown, and chamber all look virgin. Accuracy at 35 yards is 3 inch groups with fixed 4X scope and about four different types of 40g LR ammo. And same after removing scope and using the iron sights. I feel that the scope is OK because when I mount the same scope on my .22 pellet gun I get touching cloverleaf groups at 35 yards. I've used a cleaning rod and a patch on the bore with Hoppes and the bore feels continuous and OK. What could be wrong with this firearm? How do I fix the accuracy problem? I thought micro-groove barrel would be a lot better than this.

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Re: Model 60 Accuracy

Post by Rastus » Thu Nov 23, 2017 6:46 pm

Obviously it's not a match rifle and that is a disappointing group. Normally the guns should shoot better than that.

HOWEVER...I 22LR's are sometimes finicky about what they eat and I hope that's your issue. Have you tried several different type of ammo? I had a Remington 513T matchmaster I zeroed at 45 yards for hunting that shot one hole groups from a bench. It only shot those groups using Remington gold ammo...less accurate with CCI Stingers, etc. When I tried Winchester Dynapoints in it (if they still make them, this was in the 80's) I couldn't group 10" at 30 yards.

Hopefully a different brand of ammo will improve that accuracy. I'd try several standard brands buying 50 round boxes. That may help...if not, it may be time to visit a gun show. Or...try buying another barrel but I'd probably not do that.
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