Marlin 1894, 25-20

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Marlin 1894, 25-20

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I have a Marlin Model 1894, 25-20 with the serial number 6779 and the letter D as a prefix. This rifle has a nickle plated magazine tube, cocking lever, loading gate, hammer and forearm cap.

I would appreciate information on when this gun was manufactured and if the nickle plated parts were original to the rifle.

Thank you, Macymae
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Re: Marlin 1894, 25-20

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The date of manufacture will depend upon where your serial number is located. If the serial number is up near the forearm, then it would have been made around 1918/1919 or so.
If it is under the lever, then sometime after 1921 but before 1933.
In any instances, the plating will not be original as Marlin did not have a custom shop operating during any of those dates.
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