Marlin 27 S serial number or other ID marks

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Marlin 27 S serial number or other ID marks

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I have a Marlin 27S 32-20 that was at least my dad's if not his dad's that is in nice condition, and I plan to give it to my son. I'm having a gunsmith take off the stock to get me the serial number on the tang. I thought I read somewhere about other identifying marks that might be on the gun. Would someone please 1) point me to a source to ID the year the gun was made once I get the serial number (I understand that the needed Marlin records might not be available) 2) any other markings that I should look for that will help me to date the rifle. Thanks, B.
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Re: Marlin 27 S serial number or other ID marks

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When you break the rifle down into its two separate parts, do you see a number that was hidden when the gun is assembled? It has been awhile since I sold mine, and cannot recall where the number was.
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Re: Marlin 27 S serial number or other ID marks

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One thing that can help identify the approximate date is the butt stock itself. Is there a black & white, Marlin trademark "bullseye" in the toe of the stock? Marlin started putting the "bullseye" in the toe about 1922. Also, what barrel marking does your rifle have? Is it Marlin Firearms Company or Marlin Firearms Corporation?
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