Model 1893 question

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Model 1893 question

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I have an issue with a Model 1893 30-30 that was my father's deer rifle. Considering the fact that the gun was built in 1897 and is almost 120 years old it is in amazing condition. The gun functions and fires fine but after firing two or three rounds the lever locks up in the fully lowered position. I have been unable to remove the lever from the gun since the lever screw won't budge. I've tried penetrating oil and heat. This is the breakdown model with the short 18" carbine barrel. Any suggestions or the name of a good gunsmith that works in old Marlins in Central Calif.
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Re: Model 1893 question

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If you own a drill press, the lever screw might be removed with help from the drill press. I start with a perfect fitting screwdriver blade, as it's utmost importance to successfully removing stuck screws! Those found in magnetip type sets work well, and I often file or grind them for a perfect fit. After the fit is perfect, I hold the tip in the screw slot, and give it several sharp raps with a hammer! Then I put the screwdriver tip in my drill press, and carefully align it with the screw I want to remove. I clamp the part to the drill press table, and run the chuck down until the bit is seated in the screw slot. With my hand holding down pressure on the chuck, I grab the chuck with the chuck key installed (to help grip it better!) and turn the chuck counter clockwise. It will almost always come right out this way.
If this doesn't work, I turn the part over, and center punch the screw. Then set it up the same way, and start drilling the center of the screw shank out with very small bits. Gradually work up to just under shank size, and stop. Then turn it over and it should come right out when unscrewed. You'll need a new lever screw, but a modern 336 screw fits fine.
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