Barrel removal and Instulation

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Barrel removal and Instulation

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I have a question If the barrel is removed from a marlin 42 to reinstall it do I need to head space it. It was a total tear down for bluing. thank you
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Re: Barrel removal and Instulation

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The Marlin Model 42, exposed hammer, pump action, 12 gauge shotgun was originally made as a takedown action. Unless you do something in the refinishing process that would severely affect the connection between the receiver and the end of the barrel, then there should be no problem.
The barrel and magazine assembly must be screwed into the receiver to a precise point to allow the magazine to be inserted into the end of the receiver. The barrel lock nut is turned in towards the front of the receiver to take up any slack that would make the action "loose" and should be set so as to make the barrel tight to the receiver with no movement.
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