Question about a rifle in the family

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Question about a rifle in the family

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Hi everyone. My father recently handed down my grandfather’s Marlin rifle to me. I don’t have a lot of it’s history and wondered if someone could help me out.

My grandfather bought it when he was in high school so it’s fairly old, but I can’t tell when it was made. The serial number is 379578. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.

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Re: Question about a rifle in the family

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Unfortunately, the serial number of your grandfather's rifle is too high for the existing Marlin Factory Records.
So, we need a little more help from you in order to give you more information about the rifle.
If you look at the upper tang, behind the hammer, there will be a model marking. Also, the caliber will be marked on the barrel, just in front of the receiver, and those two things will help us to help you.
Anything else you can tell us will help, too. Does the rifle have a straight grip stock, or is it a pistol grip stock? How long is the barrel, measured from the muzzle to the front of the breech bolt? Is it a solid frame gun or does it takedown into two parts?
Looking forward to your reply.
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