Marlin #25

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Marlin #25

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22 Short CB Caps Marlin No.25
New Haven, CT USA
Pat. April 2, 1889
Aug 12th 1890-Mar 1st 1892
Nov 29th 1904

I would appreciate any information and/or value of a gun passed down to me which had to of been my great-great-great grandfathers. I have pictures and I’m more than happy to send. The information listed above is what is engraved on the barrel.
My personal email is- [email protected]
Thank you in advance!
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Re: Marlin #25

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The Marlin Model 25 pump action, .22 short and CB caps caliber rifle was only made 2 years, 1909 and 1910, and sold for $10.00 at the time.
It was made as an inexpensive rifle to own and use because of the caliber. It was advertised for personal use and in shooting clubs and for gallerymen.
Value of any antique firearm is dictated by the amount and condition of the original factory finish on the wood and metal. Without knowing these conditions, it is not possible to give an estimation of value at this time.
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