Marlin Model 1889?

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Marlin Model 1889?

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Hi, I have inherited an old Marlin lever action Rifle from my dad. It has an octagonal barrel inscribed with Marlin Fire-Arms Co New-Haven, Ct. U.S.A. Patented October 11 1887 April 2 1889. It also has 44w on the top of the barrel. The serial number is 342xx. Any information that anyone could give me on this rifle would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mike
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Re: Marlin Model 1889?

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About the best information we can tell you right now, is that a Marlin Model 1889 with a serial number in the 34,000 range should have shipped from the factory in 1890.
The Model 1889 was made in three calibers if you do not count the very rare guns made late in the production as deluxe guns in the .25-20 caliber. The other calibers were .32 W or .32-20, 38 W or .3-40 caliber and the 44 W or .44-40 caliber. There were nearly 55,000 listed in the old factory records with production from 1889 to 1895. The standard Model 1889 had a 24 inch barrel, either round or octagon. The Model 1889 was made in rifle, carbine and musket styles.
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