336 RJ 32 special, and model 80 DL 22

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336 RJ 32 special, and model 80 DL 22

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Good afternoon,
Thank You for creating this forum!
I had passed down to me through my Dad and his Uncle 2 guns that I listed above.Before my Dad passed, he had told me that his Uncle had purchased the guns together as a set back in the late 50’s.He said that they were special order. And each of the guns has a white diamond on the stock. He added a scope to the 22. But he never did anything to the 32 Special.It has a 20 inch barrel.
I have pulled up several sites and have yet to find one with the white diamonds on them. They are both in very good shape for the most part. The 22 has a scratch on the stock.The 32 special is excellent. They were never refinished.
Has anyone seen anything like this on these guns? And is it considered a good or bad thing?
Please let me know. Thanks so much!
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