Marlin 39 Carbine, lever action .22 rifle

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Marlin 39 Carbine, lever action .22 rifle

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Can anyone tell when this gun was manufactured, and a ball park figure what it might be worth? The serial number is Z 6847. I bought it when I was a young man, I want to say 1964, 1965. I probably haven't fired it in 30 years. I'm thinking of selling it, but don't know what it's worth. It's used, but I would classify it as 'in good condition'.
Can anybody help me? I would appreciate it. Thanx.
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Re: Marlin 39 Carbine, lever action .22 rifle

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I couldn't tell you a value any better than you could, since I can't see it. Impossible to give accurate values without seeing great pictures.
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