New X7 Varmint Rifle - questions /help???

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New X7 Varmint Rifle - questions /help???

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Today I purchased from what I was told a .223 X7 varmint rifle. It’s from the remlin days with a MM beginning at the front of the serial number. The barrel is roughly 16-16.5”, the previous owner did exactly what I wanted to do with a cheap/quick fix varmint gun by applying a thick cerakote type finish Throughout. My questions are, was this a stock type gun that was modified or did marlin/Remington actually produce a low number of these guns in a tactical variant. I’ve researched every post online for two days, I’ve come to the conclusion this could be a rare variant and or a modified stock version. Due to the cerakote finish Its hard to tell the barrel labeling to age this gun, keep in mind I paid virtually nothing for it at a pawn shop as my back porch pig flipper gun...

I can send pics via-email if you provide your email address, the more info the better!


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